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Channel Manager

Which Channel Manager are connected with us? Here we describe our API and are introducing all Channel Manager, which are connected with us successfully.

API integration and overview of the channel managers
  • Short facts
  • Portal
  • Use of our API
  • Information about
  • List of Channel-Manger
  • Description of the API
  • Guide for integration
Meanwhile a lot of our partners use a Channel Manager for updating of their assignment plans. Because of that, we want to introduce you the following, recommended Channel Manager, which are connected with us successfully.

Under the point “description of the API” we describe, which formats our portal is accepting and under the point “guide for integration of the API” we describe the necessary steps for you as a partner and for the Channel Manager.

Recommended Channel Manager

The following channel managers have already connected with go up

Description of the API

With our API, Channel Manager can exchange occupancies and reservations with the portal. Here it is possible to change or delete already entered occupancies.

Also new occupancies can be entered for each object. The allocation of the objects / properties to the right partner is made through the Channel Manager. The bookings of system can also be queried here.

The data exchange is going with JSON or XML format – initiated through a HTTPS request. We recommend the exchange format JSON. Data exchange with iCal format is not possible at the moment.

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Guide for integration of the API

What does your Channel Manager need?

When you already use a Channel Manager, it´s provider can contact us via e-mail to get further information. Your Channel Manager will get the documentation (guide) for integration of our API. Your Channel Manager will also get a test access.

What do you need as a partner?

To be able to use our API with the Channel Manager, you need an ApiKey (user name) and an ApiSecret (password). These you can get separately via e-mail after a request. The ApiKey and the ApiSecret have to be saved on the portal of the Channel Manager.

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